Thursday, July 21, 2016

Modern Melanin: Homeade Natural Skincare

Every day, many women of color are taking strides towards unlearning colorism by educating themselves about the fallacies of Western beauty standards. As a result, melanated people all over the world are opting to love and care for their skin rather than fight against it. In this way, the skincare needs for people of color are drastically changing. Enhancing the look of melanin in skin has become a matter of high concern.

Modern Melanin, a natural skincare company based in Saint Louis, Missouri, seeks to meet the skincare needs of melanated beauties by using organic, natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and Shea butter.  All products are homemade to ensure the integrity of the product as the company looks forward to grow.

According to the company's co-owners Brown, Buchannon, and Bennett, the all-natural Shea-based butters they produce include many ingredients and oils that are closest to the fatty oils skin produces on its own. By using a moisturizer containing these oils, one is giving their skin substantial amounts of moisture keeping skin soft and smooth all day. This butter softens the toughest skin with everyday usage.

"We have been using Modern Melanin butters for quite some time now," the co-owners said. "From the development and testing of the product we all have noticed what these butters do for our skin. They create a constant, soft, and supple feeling to the skin, and we feel that it was something the world needs to experience."

Although the company has recently launched this year, the responses to the product have been positive. One tester's positive response included that she thought Modern Melanin was like skin crack.

Since the company is still rather small, all orders can be placed via email to this address: The company asks that customers provide first and last name, shipping address, and the butter of choice in the email.

Currently, four body butters are available for order: Original, Citronella Java, Chocolate Soufflé, and Sweet Citrus.

Follow Modern Melanin on Instagram @modern_melaninnsc.

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