Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Body Reset: 5-Day Water Fast Starts Today

Annually, I go on a three day water fast to detox the body after the fattening holiday season. I can attest to its power. Water fasting is the most effective and efficient way to reset and train the body to continue onto a healthier lifestyle. In fact—after years of attempting to remove meat out of my diet—it was only after my first water fast two and half years ago that I committed to pescatarianism. The water fast allowed my taste buds to adjust to the healthier foods that I wanted to consume. For this reason, leaving the addicting tastes of chicken, beef, and pork to become a distant memory became easier.

Although I eat a pescatarian diet, this does not mean I do not eat junk food. By definition, a pescatarian does not eat any meat, but fish. So, every once in a while I can be found eating crispy, fried chips, French fries, deep-fried catfish, triple-chocolate cake, and a very long list of other unhealthy foods. Of course, I pride myself in knowing that the amount of “good” food I eat is much greater than the amount of “bad” food that runs through my system. However, I wish for a day when I care to not worry about the addicting poison I occasionally let slither through my colon. Since in my dream world, all of the foods I eat would be wholly nourishing to my body. Life is a journey. So, I have promised myself that by the age of twenty-five I should be a vegan eating foods that the perfect vegans eat.

Why put it off? Supporting a tasty vegan lifestyle is rather expensive, and my college tuition amounts to about $70,000 a year.

It’s not even Thanksgiving and a water fast is already necessary.

Lately, I have been bloated and I blame myself entirely, but I can’t be a millennial without saying that I blame my mother too. I came home for part of my summer break and she has spoiled me rotten. Yesterday, I had to bless myself with a salad, because I felt so disgusting.

To repair the damage that has been done and redeem myself, I knew I had to press the reset button. Starting today, I will be water fasting for five days.

After the passing of these five days, I will detail the entire experience. For now, it is time for my body to enter into a period of deep rest and repair.

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